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                                                                        Suzhou Xunyan Electronics Co., Ltd.

                                                                        Suzhou Xunyan Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of all kinds of interconnection couplers, plug connectors, button type, seesaw type, push-pull switching, push-pull switching, rotary, touch type and UL61058 micro-switch and other switches, sockets, specially for household and similar purposes of electronic, electrical, telecommunications equipment, appliances and other transport The power supply signal coupling, power circuit switching, on-off and other control are ideal terminal devices. The company has experienced R&D, production, management personnel and strict quality assurance system, through ISO90001 quality system certification, IS014001 environmental management system, a series of products obtained the United States UL, cUL, Germany VDE, ENEC, Sweden SEMKO, Norway NEMKO, Denmark DEMKO, Finland FIMKO, European CE, China CCC, CQC, Australia SAA, Korea KC and other international certification, and the establishment of routine product laboratories, regular monitoring and testing of the quality of various products, we attach importance to the construction and promotion of environmental protection, the use of raw materials and accessories in line with the requirements of the European Union's environmental protection regulations 

                                                                        Plant display

                                                                        Plant display

                                                                        Thank you for your support for our long-term cooperation.

                                                                        Thank you for your support for our long-term cooperation.

                                                                        Six advantagesLet Xunyan Electronics become your better choice

                                                                        The six advantages make the goose electron become your better choice.

                                                                        1、Strong production capacity, daily output exceeds 200,000

                                                                        For many years, we have focused on the development and production of high-quality electronic switch products, and have leading laboratories such as UL laboratory and high and low temperature.
                                                                        Professional switch R&D team, fully automated production equipment.

                                                                        2、Team-based, well-trained team of professionals

                                                                        After more than ten years of development and manufacturing experience, the company has formed a business-oriented manufacturing enterprise with strong technical force, advanced production and testing equipment, and a large production scale.

                                                                        3、Employees achieve their ambitions and share the growth of corporate value

                                                                        Always adhere to the business philosophy of "Customer First", "Quality is honor", "Continuous Improvement", "Strive for Brand";
                                                                        Insist on the market as the core, and gradually increase the market share of electronic equipment

                                                                        4、Continuous optimization, efficient management mechanisms and process systems

                                                                        Adhere to the market as the core, and gradually increase the market share of electronic equipment. We sincerely welcome users from all industries to come and visit
                                                                        investigate and discuss cooperation.

                                                                        5、Multiple certification patents, product quality assurance

                                                                        Xunyan Electronics passed the CMMI L4 evaluation and passed ISO27001 certification in 2008. Perfect information security, product
                                                                        R & D quality control system to ensure the company's ability to serve the market and serve customers.

                                                                        6、Professional after-sales service, so that customers have no worries

                                                                        There is damage during production or transportation, and Xunyan is unconditionally reworked. Quality problems occur in products sold to the terminal,
                                                                        unconditional free repair. Free samples within 12 hours, free trial, free shipping。